We run coaching, mentoring and learning courses for the RAF, Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines. We have designed ‘learn to learn’ and mental-robustness lectures for many Phase 1 training establishments countrywide and have an unparalleled intervention framework to identify pinch points, aid training design and assist with the formulation of learning and coaching policies. Within our educational-psychology service we employ a unique approach to specific learning differences and provide practical assessments for trainees and trained ranks as well as policy advice.


The military is unlike any other environment and a deep knowledge of its structure and idiosyncrasies is essential to effective support. We have worked closely with many service branches, providing advice and assistance in almost all aspects of training to individuals at all levels – from Phase 1 recruits and fast-jet pilots to ship navigators, observers, divers and bomb-disposal teams. We have an impeccable track record and the feedback we receive is always exceptional.


Training people costs a lot of money. Of course not everyone has what it takes, but many are ejected – at great expense – because standard thinking, learning and training strategies simply haven’t worked. The purpose of our intervention and support is to maintain high standards, improve the quality of personnel and, ultimately, save money.